Monday, December 28, 2009

my personal

PREETY DEEP IN MY OPINION: who ever reads it? maybe we might have something in common??.....


Why is love so distant? Why must it make me suffer? The thought of losing him, would be dark, Deep…and most of all, heartbroken. Life must torment me with everything I do? Why cant I keep something so meaningful so precious to me…it shouldn’t be this way. The sacrifices that I do….that we do, shouldn’t be paid like this, now that is below my own. I can not have this destroying my life, making him sick? Making myself ill…it shouldn’t, and wont be that way, I promise….its something I have always wanted…Love, it’s the one thing I am capable of giving to someone. And I have, but sadly he isn’t here. I cant physically give it to him, and no I don’t mean sex, I cant kiss him I cant hold him I cant even tell him straight- face to face that I love him. Is it me? What did I do so wrong that I must pay now for my wrong doing, what did I do? I wish to reverse anything I did. If it is a sin to love someone, everyone should be condemned to eternity of loneliness no one to love but one’s soul, and that is about it. Running away, is wrong…you run away both ways, From and to… from your family and to your lover….one might have dire consequences and the other might be bliss. No one knows, no one will EVER know…why couldn’t god spare both of us and give us to each other in the same place. God created man and women, why must he separate both, is it the way of life? To not have someone all in the end? But if that is true. What happened to all the “forever undying love” of old people and their marriage.

He would make me his wife the minute I would say hi….what if he would have someone , and she loved him just like I love him? Would that be wrong to take some others person away just to be selfish and greedy for the person YOU love? Would it be wrong to keep them from anyone else… its just a thought. What if to spare someone’s heart from breaking you did the wrong thing, you didn’t stay with them. Would you be responsible for breaking their hearts? Would it be morally wrong to stay with them just for them and not you? I believe so, but I also believe in something else. In how much would I care for him and love him until god would take me 12 feet under the dirt, and take me to heaven…I would wait, I would wait for him until I would see him again with his grand halo, gold or platinum, with his wonderful white wings that are fully spread to see them hovering over him. But for now, on earth, I must suffer to see that in the end? I don’t think that is true. I believe he already has his gold halo with his wings, he is truly an angel on earth; he saved me, not just once but many times- one being he kept me from doing stupidity I have thought of doing…2AM makes you think hard and deep…its not something that hides at midnight. No, it shows your true emotional thoughts coursing through your mind and body…I just hope he see’s it that way. If life is to suffer I have suffered enough. If life is to be joy….all I need to do is see him. But how…"

its just ehh monent for me. and when that happens i write nonsense and deep-ish. thanks for reading Xoxo

Sunday, December 6, 2009

holy smuckers, its almost X-MAS! (Jen interviews me)

Well to be honest, Christmas is the best time of the year, you know why? because this means that i am THAT much closer to my birthday!!!! i know right? amazing!!! well my blog buddy Brooke Dawson! wrote a pretty neat section on her blog. It was about well, her! just snipets and bits of info from her life, and about her. So with [hopefully] her permission, i am gonna do this too! becuase i owe something to my readers {whoever is reading this anyways} something of a post, since i haven't in so long, felt like ages. Well without further notice, here it is :
These questions my friend came up with, i asked her to interview me so i would have something to post, she wrote everything that i did or said and let everything raw so i would show you what happened, i didnt come up with these questions, she did {Jen}. i felt like this was a newspaper or magazine cause when i laughed or giggled or thought for a pause she did it with { } fancy stuff so you would know what i did. enjoy
  • What was the happiest moment of your life? The saddest? {smiles, then pouts}

The happiest moment in my life is when i finally learned how to play piano, it was the greatest feeling on earth. The saddest, was when i lost my dear grandpa. I do miss him so much. {looks serious}

  • Who was the most important person in your life? {winks}

{laughs a lot} the most important person in my life, is my dad. He taught me everything and anything i wanted to know when i was little.

  • Who has been the biggest influence on your life? What lessons did they teach you?

Hmm...{pauses}.i dont know who is the biggest influence in my life, i think i would have to say is my boyfriend, He taught me how to be loved, and to love someone so meaningful in my life. {giggles}

  • Who has been the kindest to you in your life?

kindest? hmm... i think my friend Masia. She's just the best, what can i say?

  • What are the most important lessons you’ve learned in life?

Never to give up, if you want something more in life you go after it, even if it means to wait.

  • What is your earliest memory?

Going to College for my scholarship program :)

  • Are there any words of wisdom you’d like to pass along ?

When life gives you lemons, dont make lemonade. Go and sell them and make a profit.{laughs so much that she [rose] falls off chair}

  • What are you proudest of in your life?

I think it is that i am blessed with intelligence more than everyone else in my family.

  • have you ever in life felt most alone?

Yes, but that was before i met Chris {both awe}

  • How has your life been different than what you’d imagined?

I have to say its not different. everything is made to be for some significant reason, so i just roll with the punches and hope for the best

  • How would you like to be remembered?

I would like to be remembered as being different, not just for being "nice" and "helpful," but by being someone else in the world. not being a satistic. ( i dont know if you understand that) {ends it more like a questions}

  • Do you have any regrets?

Nope, i dont have any, i learn from my mistakes and pray that i dont do them again. everything happens for a reason.

  • What does your future hold?

Hopefully accounting, getting married to my boyfriend. having kids, being sucessful, and everything that makes the world happy. {smiles and sticks tongue out}

  • Is there anything that you’ve never told me but want to tell me now?

{laughs}I call chocolate milk : COCO MOO! ( i know i am weird i love it )

  • Is there something about me that you’ve always wanted to know but have never asked?

why did you agree to interview me with random questions, i mean {thinks} nevermind, thanks for helping.


THANKS FOR READING GUYS......maybe if you comment and ask i might have more interview coming up.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Yes, i am doing blog TV, and i will be having weekly shows every friday... it should be fun..

7pm EST. at

See you there!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

8 more days....

8 more days!!!! oh gash, i dont know what to do- i dont know; i am gonna be a junior this year in highschool. but i am just like gah! all about it cause i am not ready. i dont want my summer to end- well i have to jet, i am sending this package to someone and i have to go drive around- gots my license!!!! (wooooooot) kays....thanks for reading!!! i dont want to go to school haha!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Do you have one of thoes days...

Do you have one of those days where you can not stand anyone. your annoyed, you just want to get away and not look at anyone else on the planet? yup that is me today. I can not stand anyone and anything...i just want to be left alone. i dont feel like going out and doing something i just want to be ALONE!

well...given the fact that i hate this weather today, it makes it that much worse. Its gloomy outside and i hate that kind of weather. its just not nice.

it rained and everything that was given today, it happened...

>it was hot as hell...
> i didnt feel like calling the doctors.
>it rained!
>my friend and i didnt know what to do for today while we hung out.

its just a annoying day for me. so i am just gonna go to sleep. this venting thing helps...

when your annoyed, sad and anything else, BLOG! it really does help,

i do feel a little better.

as always. thanks for reading Xx♥

Sunday, August 9, 2009

I <3

Well besides my loving twilight and all that jazz....i was on Google looking for something for my new decorating tips- and this thing popped up at me as i was scrolling and this thing like and i was like looking through and this " I <3 vampires" thing / show popped up at me...

so i took a gander and these shows are like twilight i mean i think that is whats its based off.. but not 100% exact.

i dont know its a short blog cause i have nothing to do right now.. and i am like distracted by two things.. so heh

1. that online show i am watching - its awesome!
2. Chris - which is the main distraction at the moment ♥ ha well yeah =]

thanks for reading as always ...Xx♥

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's enough- life is pretty much done in my way-

Okay, this is more like a venting-out-my-anger kinda blog tonight; its come to my attention- that i will never ever have a peaceful!! yup i said it >> i will never have a peaceful life... something that had made me calm down tonight at 8:45pm i received the nightmare again.... i don't know where the hell this came from.
> i am just rambling and just talking to myself, wanting to run away right now...

OUT of anger i would run away, out of anger i would kill the person, out of anger i would murder this issue. OUT OF ANGER i will finish this and squash this into damnation!

i am done, and i will write tom or something else.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

sorry >.<

gash, its been awhile hasn't it.. well my two weeks at KU is done..its so sad, i wished i would stay there much more... although my two weeks ran short i learned mean things
> one, to pray to god to have bars on your phone.. the whole time i was there i only had one bar, ITS CRIMINAL!
>> two, be prepared to walk miles everywhere, the more you are in shape the less you will suffer the walking.. i didn't have an issue but a lot of my other friends did...*cough* Bria *cough cough*
>>>have a good fan, big and get hots especially when you're a freshman-you don't get the nice dorms..
>>>>And lastly, be happy with your roommate, trust me... you wanna become friends with them not enemies. and at the end of your year with them. you will miss them ( i miss you Danielle =[ ) but i will see her next year

so that is all i have to say for now, granted its 11:08 <- ignore the post time... i have no idea why it does that...and i am sleepy so talk to you all another day...
thanks for reading as always.. Xx♥

Monday, July 20, 2009

bonjour!! (hello for the non-french speakers)

COLLEGE LIFE IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can not wait to go you guys have no idea!! =D its like christmas when your five and you got what you wanted!!! ITS even better than that!!! so we sleep in the dorms for freshmans.. its kinda hot so i have like my fan and my roomate (danielle's) fan going on all day! we have like classes (after all its a scholarship program for pete sake- btw where is pete? lol) so i am in the library working on my english paper...- 8 pages 1.5 spacing and 11 Times Roman font! isn't that fun!?!?! yeah lifes great! so we are having this award cermony this friday and i have a nice blue dress it's gonna be off the chain! <- i have been hanging with too many ghansta people (jk- i have been trying to be that way for some reason, maybe civil disobedience, its a oxymoron isn't it. lol well i have to get back to my paper... its due friday morning.. i go back home sunday so sunday afternoon i might update with some pitures.. and stuff to show you is wasn't all bad...thanks for reading.. dont think i forgot about you guys XD

Sunday, July 12, 2009

GOING going GONE!!

gone to the university! ABOUT TIME TOO! I WILL miss all my readers.. follow me kay??? pleaseeeee lol well i will be back and ready to blog all the events that happened at the university!! and post maybe some photos? niiiice? cool. okay well i hope everyone has a nice two weeks off from reading my blogs lol take care and as always,
thanks for reading...Xx♥

Thursday, July 9, 2009

i happen to come across this....

oh my gash! this is the cutest, funniest, adorable thing i have ever seen; so i was just on and this thing about silly 'LOL' moments from twilight - let the record show that i am fond of twilight XD- anywho the people made these twilight lol moments also make this random cat stuff that are just so funny. please check it out kay?
here are some things as examples.. please go to to see the other ones..
funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Micheal Jackson- memorial after math:

Boy, was that intense or what? for two WHOLE straight hours i was quiet, i was calm i thought i past through that memorial with out a single tear fall from my eyes. i sang with some songs like all the MJ fans out there. i laughed at the jokes some of the speakers made i even nibbled on a cracker...BUT what i did not expect was to cry. NOPE, no tears, nothing....but one tiny sentence from Paris (MJ's daugther) and she made me cry my eyes out....crying!!! eye were red! i mean RED! all it took was tears from her and i was tearing too. Now, everyone at the memorial was crying; brothers,sister and the kids a little too. I wasnt crying, yet! so yes i didnt know micheal jackson personally. but woah did i cry like he was my dad or family. so yeah. very short and sweet post. tell me what you think...please???
thanks for reading Xx♥...


as you all on every news channel (maybe not the international ones) will be posting and showing for your own pleasure.. the MICHAEL JACKSON MEMORIAL hope you all see it, i know i will...there will be performances..
by myriah carrey, MJ's brothers. and more, if you are a MJ fan, this is a must...that is all i have to say, so thanks for reading Xx♥

*facts about MJ*
Michael Jackson holds record for most Grammys won in one year with 8 in 1984; First solo artist to generate 4 top ten hits on the Billboard charts on one album with Off the Wall; First artist to generate 7 top ten hits (USA) on one album with Thriller; Only artist in history to generate 5 #1 hits (USA) from one album with Bad. His albums "Thriller" and "Dangerous" are the biggest selling albums of all time and his. Michael Jackson inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001 (as a solo artist); Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997


Real Name: Michael Joseph Jackson
Birthday: 08/29/1958
Birthplace: Gary, Indiana, USA (i bolded that state for a reason :p)
Occupation: Singer
Sign: Virgo
Death date: 06/25/2009

RIP MJ you will be missed :(
Micheal Jackson Pictures, Images and Photos

Monday, July 6, 2009

**Random!!** monday morning...

That's right, this is a small post for all the readers who follow me daily...*echo* OK, anyways. so today we (as in my family) are going to go and take a family photo, So that one day we can look back and laugh at how funny that idea was. and how different we look, and so on and so on...and i think its just the funniest thing a family can do.

even though i will be doing that same thing with my family.
of course, when the time comes.

So, that is my plan for today.

WAY off topic ---

Have any of you guys seen the news lately; on the Micheal Jackson memorial thing they are planing at the Staples Place?
its like a whole bunch of people wanting to go,but since of the limited seating or tickets. the mayor is saying that we (the fans) are better off seeing this memorial at home from the comfort of our TV's- and to make this even MORE interesting MJ's body wont even be there so how about that story.

well that is all about i have to say, my day is starting off pretty good, so lets keep it that way!
SHOUT OUT: to all the tree huggers.....ROCK ON! keep the world safe. i am no tree hugger, but its something i am trying to work on it.
reuse, recycle...=]

Sunday, July 5, 2009

endless list of list?

*endless writing- or typing* list list and more list!!!!! GAH! XD

Not really. its just some things that i am looking forward to/will be doing- in my summer- while it ends and my junior year begins.. so with out further IT is...

  1. my summer relaxation... i mean that should be the top, right?
  2. the endless hours of talking with my sister while she is still here...(military sister- so hence i dont see her as often.)
  3. ENDLESS texting to someone =D
  4. Go to kutztown university- now, now..calm down. no, i am not 18 nor did i graduate from highschool. its this scholarship program thing that i got chosen to do. so its something i am wanting to do already. will be anyways, in 7 days. XD
  5. hanging out with my friends that i adore EVER so much...(there is no other word to describe that)
  6. something that i will be doing is well....SLEEPING! no doubt about that.
  7. trying to get back into soccer again in the fall...WOOT GO FORKS!!
  8. twittering my butt off -well not really, i dont tweet a lot-
  9. visit my cousins in chicago- hang out with some of the people that are related to you..whats that called again?
  10. and enjoy my time with someone that i wish i could need to bring up the water works here.

so, yeah i see you all read that right? *looks at the emtpy room* no? well that is fine as day, SOME day, you will all see this and say " wow i should have started reading these blogs while they were still being written" yeah you loss eh?

OH*MY*GASH* CANADA! haha that is some place no? well if you have never visited this place- WHERE THE HECK HAVE YOU BEEN?!!?!?- that is just un-american or even (for the people not in the states) un-ethical~ one day i will go to canada again. hopefully vancouver! till than...

thanks for reading....Xx♥

Friday, July 3, 2009

13 hours is enough for the rest of the week!

Have you ever wanted to scream on the top of your lungs and try to save your self as you fall in endless hours in a car for 13 hours STRAIGHT not moving any way around the car. not sleeping comfortably in the car. that is what happened to me today. i was with the following people....MY SISTER MY MOM AND MY TWO NEPHEW/NIECE. we went to NY and i was bored, tired and mostly WORST of all. my phone was DEAD. so NO TEXTING! -the horror- now my phone is like the nice music player too. and my ipod was left at home. so i had to sit there and listen to the stupid radio. that had the worst messed up music ever! and on top of that. i was sitting allll the way in the back of the car, THE THIRD row! i know its a shame and shocking and all around SAD! so to sum it up. 13 hours with these people and i can safely say that i dont want to hang out with them for a week! 13hours were enough . HA

Thursday, July 2, 2009

*sparkle sparkle*

its pretty and shiny and its all mine. yup yup, so i went shopping; now i have an issue- most people say that the economy is going down and its in trouble. but that is not entirely true. i was walking all over the mall and there is a bunch of people shopping, so whats with the huge deal about it? most people don't understand that the economy is not all that bad right now. If it were- there wouldn't have malls open and shopping. credit card company's are having fun now as well. so whats it all about that we should watch the economy, i don't plan to. i want to shop so i went shopping today for HOURS. and i had fun. tell me your opnion on the economy, i would LOVE to hear from ya'll. have a blessed day.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fell Asleep on The Couch?

texting friend Pictures, Images and Photos IT all started when i was texting someone last night to early morning (1am)-mubbles- sadly people you will not find out who that is, i was texting this 'mystery' person and he/she was starting to get tired, so i told that person to go to bed. they did so and i was stuck at one in the morning with nothing to do, so i turned on the TV. I am not really into a lot of TV these days although i do like watching late night shows with like 'the nanny' and 'geroge lopez' stuff like that- that rot my brain THANKS TV! *shows two thumbs up* sadly i couldnt resist the urge to close my eyes for a few seconds...
Woke up this morning; early none the less, and saw my phone it had said 7:46am...WHAT? when i closed my eyes a few minutes (more like HOURS) it said 1:35m, well to cut it all short. i fell asleep on my couch, now i know that is not as interesting as "OH MY GASH I LOST MY SHOES, AND I WALKED BAREFOOT ALL THE WAY HOME, PLUS I LIVE AN HOUR FROM WHERE I WAS" no, its not like that...but it was still silly to find out how your mind plays tricks on you. See? not even i am perfect, i fell asleep on the couch...Have any of you done that before? i am pretty sure you all did- well that is all for now. peace love and sugar mumps! <- i do not know where that came from.
till then...Miss. Perfection~

Monday, June 29, 2009

The perfection story...

According to a article i have recently read, it made me think about it more significantly :

What Is Perfection?

If we use language to understand what perfection is, from the Latin (and taken from the Greek), it means something that is finished, or complete. Aristotle was a bit more exact, as the Greek word for it is teleos (finished). Aristotle explained that for something to be teleos (perfect) it must.

• Be competed, with all necessary components, and

• Have the quality of being something of the kind that nothing could be better, and

• Had attained its purpose.

To the mind of this greatest of all thinkers, this was perfection. Other great thinkers and most people attribute perfection only to God and His works, which are perfect.

Now, i know what you are thinking: mostly perfection is the answer to all things wrong. Well, as a matter of fact- perfection doesn't exist! AT ALL!

So why talk about it then?

- well to clear things up; My name is Rose. I am not perfect- no one is, so why all the magazines say that "this body, this hair color this 'eye' color is perfect" when in reality nothing is perfect in life. So the blonds with the big boobs and blue eyes and nice shape small waist tiny skirts or what not- AREN'T perfect! i am here to post things that aren't perfect, like random blogs and twilight things ( yes i like twilight) I am one of those crazy-fan-let-me-take-a-picture-with-you type of girl, i am here to stay and like jelly; stick to much fun stuff as possible. i haven't had a bad day yet so lets keep it that way!