Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Micheal Jackson- memorial after math:

Boy, was that intense or what? for two WHOLE straight hours i was quiet, i was calm i thought i past through that memorial with out a single tear fall from my eyes. i sang with some songs like all the MJ fans out there. i laughed at the jokes some of the speakers made i even nibbled on a cracker...BUT what i did not expect was to cry. NOPE, no tears, nothing....but one tiny sentence from Paris (MJ's daugther) and she made me cry my eyes out....crying!!!...my eye were red! i mean RED! all it took was tears from her and i was tearing too. Now, everyone at the memorial was crying; brothers,sister and the kids a little too. I wasnt crying, yet! so yes i didnt know micheal jackson personally. but woah did i cry like he was my dad or family. so yeah. very short and sweet post. tell me what you think...please???
thanks for reading Xx♥...

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