Monday, June 29, 2009

The perfection story...

According to a article i have recently read, it made me think about it more significantly :

What Is Perfection?

If we use language to understand what perfection is, from the Latin (and taken from the Greek), it means something that is finished, or complete. Aristotle was a bit more exact, as the Greek word for it is teleos (finished). Aristotle explained that for something to be teleos (perfect) it must.

• Be competed, with all necessary components, and

• Have the quality of being something of the kind that nothing could be better, and

• Had attained its purpose.

To the mind of this greatest of all thinkers, this was perfection. Other great thinkers and most people attribute perfection only to God and His works, which are perfect.

Now, i know what you are thinking: mostly perfection is the answer to all things wrong. Well, as a matter of fact- perfection doesn't exist! AT ALL!

So why talk about it then?

- well to clear things up; My name is Rose. I am not perfect- no one is, so why all the magazines say that "this body, this hair color this 'eye' color is perfect" when in reality nothing is perfect in life. So the blonds with the big boobs and blue eyes and nice shape small waist tiny skirts or what not- AREN'T perfect! i am here to post things that aren't perfect, like random blogs and twilight things ( yes i like twilight) I am one of those crazy-fan-let-me-take-a-picture-with-you type of girl, i am here to stay and like jelly; stick to much fun stuff as possible. i haven't had a bad day yet so lets keep it that way!