Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Yes, i am doing blog TV, and i will be having weekly shows every friday... it should be fun..

7pm EST. at

See you there!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

8 more days....

8 more days!!!! oh gash, i dont know what to do- i dont know; i am gonna be a junior this year in highschool. but i am just like gah! all about it cause i am not ready. i dont want my summer to end- well i have to jet, i am sending this package to someone and i have to go drive around- gots my license!!!! (wooooooot) kays....thanks for reading!!! i dont want to go to school haha!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Do you have one of thoes days...

Do you have one of those days where you can not stand anyone. your annoyed, you just want to get away and not look at anyone else on the planet? yup that is me today. I can not stand anyone and anything...i just want to be left alone. i dont feel like going out and doing something i just want to be ALONE!

well...given the fact that i hate this weather today, it makes it that much worse. Its gloomy outside and i hate that kind of weather. its just not nice.

it rained and everything that was given today, it happened...

>it was hot as hell...
> i didnt feel like calling the doctors.
>it rained!
>my friend and i didnt know what to do for today while we hung out.

its just a annoying day for me. so i am just gonna go to sleep. this venting thing helps...

when your annoyed, sad and anything else, BLOG! it really does help,

i do feel a little better.

as always. thanks for reading Xx♥

Sunday, August 9, 2009

I <3

Well besides my loving twilight and all that jazz....i was on Google looking for something for my new decorating tips- and this thing popped up at me as i was scrolling and this thing like and i was like looking through and this " I <3 vampires" thing / show popped up at me...

so i took a gander and these shows are like twilight i mean i think that is whats its based off.. but not 100% exact.

i dont know its a short blog cause i have nothing to do right now.. and i am like distracted by two things.. so heh

1. that online show i am watching - its awesome!
2. Chris - which is the main distraction at the moment ♥ ha well yeah =]

thanks for reading as always ...Xx♥

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's enough- life is pretty much done in my way-

Okay, this is more like a venting-out-my-anger kinda blog tonight; its come to my attention- that i will never ever have a peaceful!! yup i said it >> i will never have a peaceful life... something that had made me calm down tonight at 8:45pm i received the nightmare again.... i don't know where the hell this came from.
> i am just rambling and just talking to myself, wanting to run away right now...

OUT of anger i would run away, out of anger i would kill the person, out of anger i would murder this issue. OUT OF ANGER i will finish this and squash this into damnation!

i am done, and i will write tom or something else.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

sorry >.<

gash, its been awhile hasn't it.. well my two weeks at KU is done..its so sad, i wished i would stay there much more... although my two weeks ran short i learned mean things
> one, to pray to god to have bars on your phone.. the whole time i was there i only had one bar, ITS CRIMINAL!
>> two, be prepared to walk miles everywhere, the more you are in shape the less you will suffer the walking.. i didn't have an issue but a lot of my other friends did...*cough* Bria *cough cough*
>>>have a good fan, big and get hots especially when you're a freshman-you don't get the nice dorms..
>>>>And lastly, be happy with your roommate, trust me... you wanna become friends with them not enemies. and at the end of your year with them. you will miss them ( i miss you Danielle =[ ) but i will see her next year

so that is all i have to say for now, granted its 11:08 <- ignore the post time... i have no idea why it does that...and i am sleepy so talk to you all another day...
thanks for reading as always.. Xx♥