Sunday, August 2, 2009

sorry >.<

gash, its been awhile hasn't it.. well my two weeks at KU is done..its so sad, i wished i would stay there much more... although my two weeks ran short i learned mean things
> one, to pray to god to have bars on your phone.. the whole time i was there i only had one bar, ITS CRIMINAL!
>> two, be prepared to walk miles everywhere, the more you are in shape the less you will suffer the walking.. i didn't have an issue but a lot of my other friends did...*cough* Bria *cough cough*
>>>have a good fan, big and get hots especially when you're a freshman-you don't get the nice dorms..
>>>>And lastly, be happy with your roommate, trust me... you wanna become friends with them not enemies. and at the end of your year with them. you will miss them ( i miss you Danielle =[ ) but i will see her next year

so that is all i have to say for now, granted its 11:08 <- ignore the post time... i have no idea why it does that...and i am sleepy so talk to you all another day...
thanks for reading as always.. Xx♥

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