Monday, July 20, 2009

bonjour!! (hello for the non-french speakers)

COLLEGE LIFE IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can not wait to go you guys have no idea!! =D its like christmas when your five and you got what you wanted!!! ITS even better than that!!! so we sleep in the dorms for freshmans.. its kinda hot so i have like my fan and my roomate (danielle's) fan going on all day! we have like classes (after all its a scholarship program for pete sake- btw where is pete? lol) so i am in the library working on my english paper...- 8 pages 1.5 spacing and 11 Times Roman font! isn't that fun!?!?! yeah lifes great! so we are having this award cermony this friday and i have a nice blue dress it's gonna be off the chain! <- i have been hanging with too many ghansta people (jk- i have been trying to be that way for some reason, maybe civil disobedience, its a oxymoron isn't it. lol well i have to get back to my paper... its due friday morning.. i go back home sunday so sunday afternoon i might update with some pitures.. and stuff to show you is wasn't all bad...thanks for reading.. dont think i forgot about you guys XD

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