Sunday, July 5, 2009

endless list of list?

*endless writing- or typing* list list and more list!!!!! GAH! XD

Not really. its just some things that i am looking forward to/will be doing- in my summer- while it ends and my junior year begins.. so with out further IT is...

  1. my summer relaxation... i mean that should be the top, right?
  2. the endless hours of talking with my sister while she is still here...(military sister- so hence i dont see her as often.)
  3. ENDLESS texting to someone =D
  4. Go to kutztown university- now, now..calm down. no, i am not 18 nor did i graduate from highschool. its this scholarship program thing that i got chosen to do. so its something i am wanting to do already. will be anyways, in 7 days. XD
  5. hanging out with my friends that i adore EVER so much...(there is no other word to describe that)
  6. something that i will be doing is well....SLEEPING! no doubt about that.
  7. trying to get back into soccer again in the fall...WOOT GO FORKS!!
  8. twittering my butt off -well not really, i dont tweet a lot-
  9. visit my cousins in chicago- hang out with some of the people that are related to you..whats that called again?
  10. and enjoy my time with someone that i wish i could need to bring up the water works here.

so, yeah i see you all read that right? *looks at the emtpy room* no? well that is fine as day, SOME day, you will all see this and say " wow i should have started reading these blogs while they were still being written" yeah you loss eh?

OH*MY*GASH* CANADA! haha that is some place no? well if you have never visited this place- WHERE THE HECK HAVE YOU BEEN?!!?!?- that is just un-american or even (for the people not in the states) un-ethical~ one day i will go to canada again. hopefully vancouver! till than...

thanks for reading....Xx♥

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