Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fell Asleep on The Couch?

texting friend Pictures, Images and Photos IT all started when i was texting someone last night to early morning (1am)-mubbles- sadly people you will not find out who that is, i was texting this 'mystery' person and he/she was starting to get tired, so i told that person to go to bed. they did so and i was stuck at one in the morning with nothing to do, so i turned on the TV. I am not really into a lot of TV these days although i do like watching late night shows with like 'the nanny' and 'geroge lopez' stuff like that- that rot my brain THANKS TV! *shows two thumbs up* sadly i couldnt resist the urge to close my eyes for a few seconds...
Woke up this morning; early none the less, and saw my phone it had said 7:46am...WHAT? when i closed my eyes a few minutes (more like HOURS) it said 1:35m, well to cut it all short. i fell asleep on my couch, now i know that is not as interesting as "OH MY GASH I LOST MY SHOES, AND I WALKED BAREFOOT ALL THE WAY HOME, PLUS I LIVE AN HOUR FROM WHERE I WAS" no, its not like that...but it was still silly to find out how your mind plays tricks on you. See? not even i am perfect, i fell asleep on the couch...Have any of you done that before? i am pretty sure you all did- well that is all for now. peace love and sugar mumps! <- i do not know where that came from.
till then...Miss. Perfection~

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