Monday, July 6, 2009

**Random!!** monday morning...

That's right, this is a small post for all the readers who follow me daily...*echo* OK, anyways. so today we (as in my family) are going to go and take a family photo, So that one day we can look back and laugh at how funny that idea was. and how different we look, and so on and so on...and i think its just the funniest thing a family can do.

even though i will be doing that same thing with my family.
of course, when the time comes.

So, that is my plan for today.

WAY off topic ---

Have any of you guys seen the news lately; on the Micheal Jackson memorial thing they are planing at the Staples Place?
its like a whole bunch of people wanting to go,but since of the limited seating or tickets. the mayor is saying that we (the fans) are better off seeing this memorial at home from the comfort of our TV's- and to make this even MORE interesting MJ's body wont even be there so how about that story.

well that is all about i have to say, my day is starting off pretty good, so lets keep it that way!
SHOUT OUT: to all the tree huggers.....ROCK ON! keep the world safe. i am no tree hugger, but its something i am trying to work on it.
reuse, recycle...=]

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