Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Do you have one of thoes days...

Do you have one of those days where you can not stand anyone. your annoyed, you just want to get away and not look at anyone else on the planet? yup that is me today. I can not stand anyone and anything...i just want to be left alone. i dont feel like going out and doing something i just want to be ALONE!

well...given the fact that i hate this weather today, it makes it that much worse. Its gloomy outside and i hate that kind of weather. its just not nice.

it rained and everything that was given today, it happened...

>it was hot as hell...
> i didnt feel like calling the doctors.
>it rained!
>my friend and i didnt know what to do for today while we hung out.

its just a annoying day for me. so i am just gonna go to sleep. this venting thing helps...

when your annoyed, sad and anything else, BLOG! it really does help,

i do feel a little better.

as always. thanks for reading Xx♥

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