Thursday, April 8, 2010


Its your non-everday blogger! how lovely. so recently (like about 5 days ago) i got the P90X!!!!

yes, yes, yes....i know what your thinking
> "why would you buy that stupid thing!"
> "it wont work!!!!"

NOW! here is my answer.

since day one, all i can do was 3 PUSH UPS! today...i was tested....i did 50 push ups! 2 reps of 25!!!!
i am so proud of what i accomplished. and for the rest of the people who dont know my trying to get in shape not JUST get skinny. but healthy and muscly! yes, i realized i know that is not a word. but i dont care!!! i did 50 pushups!!! and its only been 5 days!!! and my waist did go a inch down! i am soo happy

i will blog all the time as much as i can. to keep all my non-exisitant readers updated

thanks for reading! <333


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