Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Case of the missing BOX!

Yesterday, Febuary 15th, 2010, at exactly 1:19pm! and Box was apparently delivered to a address in PA (pennsylvania) Athuroties had this to say
"We (UPS) did deliver the Box to a Address at PA lehigh street)


althought this was not really a news paper thingy that appears for missing people...
My boyfriend sent me a box for our anniversary, HOWEVER! i have no box. what-so-ever!

this is truly depressing, so yesterday at night- i called, was on hold for 30 minutes before the person answered me, here is what happened, a total play-by-play: OR, of what i can remember...

*ring ring ring*
Representive: Hello, my name is Susan- how can i help you?
Me: Hello, uh, well...i was suppose to recieve a package today, apparently i did recieve it from what i can get from ups.com BUT! i have no box with me. They said that the met the customer and signed off on my box...
Representive: I am so sorry ma'am, whats the tracking number?
Me: (due to giving away personal info, i shall not put it here; but i did give it to her)
Representive: Thank you, one moment please...
**************************************5 MINTUES LATER*********************************
Representive: Thank you for holding, now again i apoligize, what we are gonna do is that you have to tell the sender, to go back to the UPS store, and tell them that you did not recieve the box and that they will give the person that works there the tracking number and they will put a trace on it!
Me: OH THANK YOU !! that makes me feel so much better...
Susan: Anytime ma'am. again we are sorry for the inconvince, is there anything else you would like to know?
Me: No, thank you very much so...
Susan: okay! thank you for choosing UPS "let us show you what brown and do for you..."
*i hung up the phone*
Me: "my butt!"

So yeah i got intouch with my boyfriend and told him what he had to do....
NOW. as i write this. my box is being tracked! and traced! so yay! i feel soooooo much better!!! :)

well that is all i can really say; i m pretty sad as you can possibly imagine! and also just pretty "ehh" right now, cause i am suppose to be doing hw!! haha oh well...

Well Till next time!! as they say in unsolved cases:

To Be Continued....

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